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Bjorn and Bucky is about friendship and learning to live well with technology in our modern natural world. Bucky is a high-energy brown bear who loves gadgets, technology and tools! Bjorn the polar bear is a child of nature, who likes to take it easy and even meditate here and there. Stories typically are about the conflict created by approaching a situations in too technical away and finding the solution in nature, or the other way around. The series is positive, comedy driven and optimistic. Themes aim to help people to see that it is possible to live in harmony with nature and still live a rich modern life full of science and technology. And, well, when that fails, Bucky and Bjorn are there to remind us that friendship overcomes all obstacles. Brown bear (Bucky), born and grew up in the forest the series takes place in. High energy, curious, impatient and always running places. Tends to be the one who gets into trouble. He’s an inventor and loves gadgets of all sorts. Not all of his inventions are well thought out. Respects his friend deeply and always asks for advice. Polar bear (Bjorn). Calm character, a bit of a know-it-all. Bjorn loves nature, taking care of the environment, and a very keen on ecology and health and wellness. A bit of a philosopher. Doesn’t ever rush things. Likes to stay grounded, focused, and even mediates. He’s a story teller and loves remembering to ‘good old days up north’. Younger fox friend of the two boy leads. Franny the Fox is a girl hanging out with the boys. She’s a bit of a homemaker, loves to cook. Adores the two boys, and especially their outrageous creativity, which she wishes she had more of herself. Though she’s younger, she’s clearly a clever creature—miles wiser and more sensible. Her wisdom is often intuitive, and she’s rather delicate about speaking her mind.