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Created by the award-winning team of David Rudman, Adam Rudman, and Todd Hannert -- the Jim Henson Company alums behind the hit series Jack's Big Music Show -- each episode of BUNNYTOWN, a madcap puppet variety show, features a series of silly short stories and high-energy song-and-dance numbers. The series is set in the zany bunny stars' vibrant hometown, where you can find them playing games, putting on concerts, or setting off on adventures that range from riding on a pirate ship to rocketing into outer space. And when they've exhausted their options in their own world, they can navigate underground tunnels and pop up in nearby Peopletown, where they peek in on what the humans are up to. These live-action segments feature oddball characters who are nearly as wacky as the bunnies themselves, including the pratfall-prone silent comedy team of Red (Ed Gaughan) and Fred (Andrew Buckley) and an outlandish sportscaster named Pinky Pinkerton (Polly Frame).