Seis Manos
Available on Netflix
SEIS MANOS (translation: Six Hands) is an original Netflix anime series about a group of Daoist fighters in 1970s Mexico fighting an occult-worshipping crime organization. When twelve year old Domingo (Carlos Luna) stumbles upon a dojo in the sleepy town of San Simon, he meets a trio of martial arts fighters, including Isabela (Aislinn Derbez), (Jonny Cruz), and a troubled mute fighter call they call Silencio. But when Chui (Vic Chao), their mentor Kung-Fu master, is murdered, the trio is caught up in a crime investigation headed up by Federale Officer García (Angélica Vale), who is working with American DEA agent Brister (Mike Colter). While the government agents are hoping to bring down the crime syndicate, starting with its leader, El Balde (Danny Trejo), the Seis Manos are seeking to avenge their Master's death.