Figure It Out
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In this revival of the late '90s series of the same name, four celebrity panelists -- usually from other Nickelodeon shows -- try to guess hidden talents or other secrets of the young contestants (two per show) by asking questions that have "yes" or "no" answers. The panelists have three rounds -- with a clue given in each round -- in which to guess the contestant's secret. At the end of each round that the secret is not guessed, the contestant wins a prize. And because this is a Nickelodeon show, the network's legendary green slime also makes an appearance: The panelists get slimed by performing the Secret Slime Action, which also earns an audience member a prize, and the contestant is slimed if a panelist utters the Word of Honor. Jeff Sutphen ("BrainSurge"') presides over the slimy festivities as host.