When I See Your Face
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Born with severe face blindness, Lu Hui (Duan Ao Juan) has spent her entire life as something of a loner. With a condition that makes it difficult to recognize and remember people, it’s always been easier to keep everyone around her at a distance. Even so, there have been times when people have tried to get close, including Long Cheng Zhou (Chen Bo Hao), an international exchange student at Decheng University, who stepped in to help Lu Hui during one of her most difficult moments. As a university student suspected of plagiarism, Lu Hui might have been in serious trouble had Cheng Zhou not intervened. After helping Lu Hui clear her name, Chang Zhou is hurt when the next time they meet, she acts as if she’s never seen him before. Intrigued by Lu Hui and her unusual behavior, Cheng Zhou vows to win Lu Hui over with his many charms. However, Cheng Zhou’s plan backfires when he realizes that Lu Hui’s many charms have unexpectedly captured his heart. Hopelessly in love with Lu Hui, Cheng Zhou happily steps into the role of boyfriend, watching over and protecting her as he tries to help her overcome the challenges inherent with such severe face blindness. Brought together by fate, will these two find a way to overcome the obstacles that stand between them and their very own “happily ever after”? Adapted from the web novel “The Unknown Love of a Face-Blind Girl” by Shi Wu, “When I See Your Face” is a 2023 Chinese romance drama directed by Li Chen Ye.