When You Be Me
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Qiao Nan (Kido Ma) is a supremely confident male high schooler who comes from a rich family and excels at a number of athletic activities, including basketball and soccer. But his true calling, perhaps, is in taekwondo, where he has few if any peers. He is also a keen motorcyclist, although his academic abilities are somewhat lacking. In many ways, he is the quintessential jock – and he has many female admirers at school. His classmate Mu Xiang Xiang (Zhou Yi Ran) is the polar opposite. She is bookish and academic, but is often bullied and lacks confidence. She comes from a humble family, is unpopular, and finds making friends hard. One day, however, the two have an accident, which sees Qiao Nan fall off his bike and into deep waters. Mu Xiang Xiang dives in to save him. But when they wake up later in their respective bedrooms, they realize that they have swapped bodies! At first, they are horrified and find themselves out of their depth – Mu Xiang Xiang has no idea how to behave in a big, muscular male body. And Qiao Nan is robbed of his powerful frame – and trapped inside the feeble body of his classmate. But they soon realize that there are advantages to this swap: As a “man,” Mu Xiang Xiang can use her sensitivity to build up a new level of camaraderie with Qiao Nan’s friends. And Qiao Nan is able to finally stand up to Mu Xiang Xiang’s bullies. As they get to know each other better, though, could they start to fall for one another – despite the body-swap chaos? “When You Be Me” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Chang.