It Happened in Saint-Tropez
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Brothers Zef and Roni could not be more different; different career paths, different taste in women, one all religious austerity, the other enjoying the high-life. All they have in common is their ageing and addle brained father, and their daughters who are best friends. So when the funeral of Zef’s wife falls on the day of Roni’s daughter’s wedding this stroke of unfortunate timing that brings to a head the simmering antagonism between the two brothers. From London to Paris, Saint-Tropez and New York, a string of misunderstandings and betrayals blow apart any semblance of family harmony. But thanks to all the arguments and clumsy reconciliations, a great love story is born… and perhaps even two. A delightfully effervescent intergenerational comedy, starring the legendary Monica Bellucci, comedy hero Kad Merad (Welcome to the Sticks) and directed by the veteran Danielle Thompson (La Boum).
Starring Éric Elmosnino, Lou de Laâge, Kad Merad
Director Danièle Thompson