I Don't Love You Yet
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Mitari Yo (Adachi Rika) is a manager at a company that makes shoes, while Ishida Ren (Shirasu Jin) works in urban redevelopment. They have been best friends for years, and their close platonic friendship dates back to their high school days. But on Mitari Yo’s 29th birthday, they make a fateful wager – whoever marries first will receive a 300,000 yen (approx USD 2,780) cash gift from the other, providing the wedding takes place before Mitari Yo turns 31. However, the duo soon discovers that love can be very unpredictable – and that Cupid can strike at the most unexpected moment. A young junior employee in Ishida Ren’s company appears to be developing feelings for him, while things get even complicated for the friends when Mizusawa Ryusei (Asaka Kodai) – Mitari Yo’s ex-boyfriend – reappears on the scene. Who will claim the 300,000 yen prize? Will new admirers and old flames win the day? Or will Ishida Ren and Mitari Yo discover that their feelings actually go beyond friendship after all? This drama is based on the Taiwanese series of the same name, which first aired in 2011. “In Time With You” is a 2019 Japanese drama directed by Izuru Kumasaka.