The Muse Story
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From the rich traditions of ancient royalty to the bustling routine of modern-day life, join Le Tran Ngoc Tran as she explores the many wonders of Vietnam's ancient Imperial City, Hue, and discovers what makes this city so unique.  Exploring Hue’s many pagodas and temples, the ancient village of Phuoc Tich, the An Hien Garden House and more, Le Tran Ngoc Tran dives into the rich history of this ancient city. But this trip through the city’s landmarks is only the beginning. Delving into every facet of life in Hue, Le Tran Ngoc Tran explores the city’s rich culture, unparalleled cuisine, and beautiful fashion. Traveling beyond the borders of Hue, Le Tran Ngoc Tran heads to Korea where she explores the country’s rich culture, history, literature, and cuisine. A cooperative cultural project between Vietnam and Korea, “The Muse Story” is a 2019 Vietnamese-Korean documentary series, directed by Bao Nhan and Namcito.