Peter Macdissi

Peter Macdissi

Peter Macdissi was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. His career began with roles in "The X-Files" (1993-2002; 2016-), "JAG" (CBS, 1995-2005) and "24" (Fox, 2001-2010). A few of his roles at the time were also in movies like the Michael Riley comedy "...And God Spoke" (1994) and the George Clooney action film "Three Kings" (1999). Several more television roles followed in the early 2000s, including stints on "Line of Fire" (ABC, 2003-04). His work around this time also included a part on the TV movie "War Stories" (NBC, 2003). Later, he earned a role in "Bad Company" (2002) with Anthony Hopkins. Macdissi took on film roles in more recent years, appearing in the Aaron Eckhart dramatic adaptation "Towelhead" (2008), the action picture "The Losers" (2010) with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and the comedic drama "Burning Palms" (2011) with Jamie Chung. He held additional roles in television including a part on "True Blood" (HBO, 2008-2014). Most recently, Macdissi produced "Banshee" (Cinemax, 2013-16).


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