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Executive Protection

Executive Protection

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Executive Protection, starring some of Sweden’s most talented actors, is the independent sequel to Anders Nilsson’s acclaimed Noll tolerans (1999). It is a relentless thriller depicting a Sweden who has turned a blind eye towards the fact that growing organized crime can pose a real threat to a State governed by law. A new kind of criminality has hit Western Europe. The business concept is violent company take-overs and kidnappings. The only protection against these ruthless criminals may be a security company. Steadily these companies are becoming more and more important in the fight against crime. As long as you pay, and it’s expensive, the bodyguards will do anything you ask them to. They have become the samurais of modern society. It is a clever and fast-paced thriller with some of Sweden’s top actors. But it’s also a film about the industrialised world closing its eyes on growing organised crime that, in the end, can threaten the law governed state.
Starring Jakob Eklund, Samuel Fröler, Alexandra Rapaport
Director Anders Nilsson