The Irresistible Piggies
Sai Gwai (Raymond Wong) starts working in the same company LMF with his cousin Lun (Stephen Fung), and immediately meets the four "Piggies": Mo (Michelle Reis), Mei (Karen Mok), Hung (Kelly Lin) and Pao (Shooky Kwan). Mo is beautiful but she has got a baldhead, Mei's body is full of long and thick hair, Hung has a large red birthmark on her right face, and Pao has malocclusion and small eyes, The four girls are poorly discriminated by the other colleagues and are being laid off by the company finally. Their friends, Spring (Jordon Chan), Sai Gwai and Lun offer to help them....
Starring Michelle Reis, Karen Mok, Kelly Lin Hsi-Lei
Director Lo Kim-Wah