Up Next: Holly Humberstone
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“Writing is definitely my way of processing my feelings,” Holly Humberstone tells Apple Music. “It’s my way of expressing myself to the world. Maybe the reason why my songs connect with people is because I’m just trying to figure out how I feel.” Influenced by her father’s love of poetry, the East Midlands-born singer began writing songs at the piano aged just seven, honing her craft until she landed on her powerful, stunningly honest brand of pop. Her songs—with their Lorde-like relatability and emotive melodies—may act as a mirror to Humberstone’s own experience, but you’ll probably hear something of yours in them too (just ask the fans who regularly thank the singer for putting their feelings into music). In her Up Next film, Humberstone takes us on a tour around the home she grew up in, opens up about how important her four-sibling-strong family are to her, and explains why it took returning home after a series of difficult writing sessions in London to unlock her best music yet. And in an entertaining interview with Rebecca Judd, Humberstone reflects on her perfectionism, tour memories with Lewis Capaldi, her passion for Céline Dion and much more. Watch the interview and film, along with selections from the rest of the artists in the Up Next series.