Эллиа Инглиш

Эллиа Инглиш

Ellia English brought smiles and laughter to countless audiences over the course of her film career. She had an early role on the television special "Show Boat" (PBS, 1989-1990). She also appeared in the TV movie "Based on an Untrue Story" (Fox, 1993-94). She also took on a few movie roles at the time, appearing in the sports comedy "Wildcats" (1986) with Goldie Hawn and "Sidewalk Stories" (1989). Following that project, she appeared in the Jessica Alba romantic comedy "Good Luck Chuck" (2007) and "Semi-Pro" (2008) with Will Ferrell. She also starred in the TV movies "The Innocent" (NBC, 1994-95) and "The Barefoot Executive" (ABC, 1995-96). She spent the early 2000s and the 2010s tackling film roles in the dramatic adaptation "My Sister's Keeper" (2009) with Cameron Diaz, "Cornered!" (2011) and "When a Woman's Fed Up" (2014). She held additional roles in television including a part on "Eagleheart" (Cartoon Network, 2010-14). Most recently, English acted on "Code Black" (CBS, 2015-).


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