The Art of Separation

S1, E3: The Art of Separation

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Claudia Joy's daughter Amanda gets arrested at a war protest. And Claudia Joy isn't the only mom with problems: Denise has a showdown with Jeremy and lies about his West Point plans to her husband. Joan checks in on one of her men who's suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and Roland hears about a soldier having reoccurring nightmares about his commanding officer, which turns out to be Joan. Pamela and Chase try to reconnect, but the surrogacy continues to cause challenges. Meanwhile, Roxy's ex wreaks havoc for Trevor's plans to adopt T.J., but a happy ending is in sight. At a get together at Claudia Joy's, the group learns that Denise's husband's helicopter crashed in Iraq. No one knows if he's survived.
Starring Terry Serpico, Jason Wiles, Kim Allen