Army Wives
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Army Wives revolves around a group of Army wives (and one army husband) who become friends while facing the many challenges of living on an active Army post. The group's key members are strong, well-respected Claudia (Kim Delaney); devoted wife and mother Denise (Catherine Bell), saucy, independent newcomer Roxy (Sally Pressman); former police officer Pamela (Brigid Brannagh), and psychiatrist Roland (Sterling K. Brown), who must rebuild his marriage when his wife returns from Afghanistan. Life on the base is dictated by military rules but the wives (and husbands) follow their own code of behavior. Along with rumors, gossip, and female competition, there are also personal challenges such as abuse, ex-husbands, and financial problems. While their issues may differ, they all share the same anxieties. They're expected to stay strong, but their fears of losing a spouse in the Middle East are compounded by their inability to express those fears freely. Even those who reunite with their partners face realities like post traumatic stress disorder and eroded marriages.