Brother's Keeper
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Throughout her life, Lucinda Pond has looked after and protected her younger brother Ellis, whose aberrant mental state was the result of constant abuse at the hands of his father. As an adult, Lucinda worked as a criminal investigator, while Ellis pursued a criminal career. Despite this, Lucinda continued to shelter her brother, carefully covering up for his many crimes. Fired for bungling the investigation of alleged serial killer Victor Orbin, Lucinda opens up a boat and tackle store at a remote lakeside community. Local homicide detective Travis Adler invites Lucinda to participate in another murder investigation, this one apparently perpetrated by the same killer who indirectly cost Lucinda her badge. At the same time, Ellis escapes from jail and goes off on a homicidal spree of his own, eliminating those whom he feels did his sister wrong, as well as a few abusive parents along the way. Gradually, Lucinda begins to deduce a connection between Ellis escape and her current investigation but will she continue to protect her kid brother despite his murderous rampage? Starring Jeanne Tripplehorn (Basic Instinct, The Firm), Emmy Award-nominee Corin Nemec (TV's I Know My First Name Is Steven, TV's Parker Lewis), Brian Jensen (The 6th Day, The 13th Warrior) and Leland Orser (Daredevil, Pearl Harbor).
Starring Jeanne Tripplehorn, Corin Nemec, Evan Parke
Director John Badham