Dora the Explorer: Dora Rocks
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Are you ready to rock with Dora? ¡Fantástico! Because it's time to sing, dance, and explore with Dora in three exciting adventures! First, when Benny forgets to send his Sing-Along Party invitations, Dora and Boots need your help to bring their microphone to Benny's Barn so they can call their friends to the rockin' fiesta! Join Dora in her special pop-star outfit to sing a special song with her friends! Then, keep rockin' in a second musical adventure, as you help Dora and Boots bring Baby Bongo over Troll Bridge and past snapping crocodiles to perform in his first show ever at the top of Music Show Mountain! After that, get ready for a different kind of show as you help Dora and her cousin Diego travel to Boots and Baby Jaguar's Amazing Animal Circus! ¡Vámonos! These adventures are going to rock you!