Gone by Dawn 2: Dead By Dusk
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Roxy has returned to her old ways and is once again working at the strip club. She receives a surprise visit by a woman named Jessie, who works with Alana, who put the events of the massacre behind her and used the money to become a vet. But now Alana is missing and Roxy can’t escape the truth: Someone knows what they did and is after them. Joined by a fellow dancer, a new girl who may have ulterior motives for helping them, Roxy and Jessie try to find a way to bring Alana back. But three hitmen are soon on their trail and they learn that Vince’s uncle has finally figured out who stole his money from Stag’s safe.
Starring Skylar Radzion, Ashley Almon, Allana Matheis
Director Shaun Donnelly