Haunting of Cellblock 11
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A TV ghost hunting team is warned by the Network boss (Dee Wallace) that if they do not produce some real paranormal evidence, their show, Ghost Sightings will be cancelled. The TV crew travels to an abandoned prison in the middle of the country where they throw everything they’ve got at what might be their last chance to stay on the air. Once at the abandoned old prison they learn about the sinister history involving a murderous inmate as well as a sadistic doctor who used to torture and murder the prisoners. Despite warnings from the locals, the team hunkers down for the night after rigging the prison with state-of-the-art cameras and sensors. It’s business as usual until one of the team members is attacked and possessed by an evil spirit before being left for dead. The team tries to get out, but someone has chained the doors and there is no escape. One by one the team encounters the deadly entities and must escape, or be killed by the ghosts that haunt Cellblock 11.
Starring Jeffrey S.S. Johnson, Linara Washington, Charley Koontz
Director Andrew P. Jones