Heroes Two
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Two of the most celebrated heroes of the Shaolin Monastery are brought to life in "Heroes Two", a landmark in the history of martial arts movies. Often cited as one of the top ten by the prolific action director Chang Cheh, "Heroes Two" is significant as the beginning of the Shaolin cycle and the collaboration between Chang and celebrated action choreographer Liu Chia-liang. In addition to kung-fu superstar Chen Kuan-tai, then at the height of his popularity, the movie confirmed the stellar status of 19-year-old Alexander Fu Sheng. The heroes they portray, Fang Shih-yu and Hung Hsi-kuan, are favorites with filmmakers and movie buffs. In the 1990s, both were portrayed by Jet Li in two separate movies, "Fong Sai Yuk" (1993) and "New Legend Of Shaolin" (1994), though even Jet’s fans will admit that Alexander’s youthful energy is hard to beat. Connoisseurs of the male form will agree with critic Karen Tarapata’s humorously titled list “Ten to Make Your Socks Roll Up and Down,” which includes the scene in "Heroes Two" where “Alexander Fu Sheng fights for righteousness while removing his clothes.”
Starring Alexander Fu Sheng, Kuan Tai Chen, Wong Ching
Director Cheh Chang