Shaolin Martial Arts
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In the spectacular careers of Chang Cheh and Liu Chia-liang , many international fans feel that this film is the apex of their collaboration as, respectively, director and kung-fu choreographer. Add to that the starring role of Alexander Fu Sheng and the introduction of international Shaolin monk icon Gordon Liu Chia-hui, and you have an epic for the record books. A great choreographer in his own right, Tang Chia, is on hand as partner to Liu Chia-liang, while the titanic team of “king of the villains” Johnny Wang Lung-wei and “Thundering Mantis” Liang Chia-jen play Manchu assassins. But at the heart of this action-packed classic is relevatory training sequences in the Eagle Claw, Hung Hsi Kuan, and Yung Chun schools of kung-fu. In short: this is a must for any martial arts movie fan.
Starring Alexander Fu Sheng, Gordon Lau
Director Cheh Chang