Off Shore
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Looking to make a connection with his estranged father, handsome young Andi (André Würde) travels from his home in Germany to the gorgeous island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands. Chris (Marko Pustisek), his dad, left the family years ago to go live in paradise and has not been heard from since. Upon his arrival, the local surfer clique welcomes Andi with open arms. He quickly becomes friends with Tina (Alexandra Sydow), a local instructor, and develops a friendship - and major infatuation - with Pedro (Benjamin Martins), a sexy young surfer with a few surprises up his sleeve (a figurative sleeve, of course, as he's shirtless 90% of the time). When his relationship to his father - who he has never met before - becomes strained, and old wounds begin to rip open once again, a long-kept family secret threatens to turn Andi's world completely upside down. Packed with beautiful scenery, an original pop-lite soundtrack, palpable homoerotic tension and positively gorgeous boys clad only in their bathing suits, Off Shore is an emotional family drama that doubles as a feast for the eyes!
Starring Benjamin Martins, Marko Pustisek, Alexandra Sydow
Director Sven J. Matten