Ten-Cent Daisy
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Three sisters from a fishing village in the West Indies, take refuge in Berkeley, California, following a traumatic event that threatens to reveal a centuries-old family secret, dating back to the Middle Passage. A decade later, marooned in a foreign land the bond between the sisters has splintered. The youngest sister, Daisy, the embodiment of the secret, is left most vulnerable by the split. The middle sister, Violet, is on the hustle, desperate to earn enough to take Daisy and herself far away. The oldest, Orchid, has adapted well to life in America. She has single handedly raised Daisy’s daughter, Zara. Orchid receives a call. It is a voice from her past, former Police Inspector Albert Leonce, who is obsessed with solving the mystery surrounding Daisy. He informs Orchid that their mother, Iris, will be furloughed from prison due to her poor health. Iris has served time for the murder of the local pastor, John Patrick, who she accused of Daisy's assault. Orchid’s carefully curated life is disrupted once again. She must reconnect with her sisters to tell them the news so they can return home to save their mother using one proven method, Daisy’s healing gift. Each sister’s life and the great distances they have traveled to separate themselves from each other and their troubled past is exposed. But now, they must reconcile their differences and overcome difficult obstacles, most of all the lust of a close family friend, Meera, to gain control over Daisy.
Starring Dionne Audain, Ameenah Kaplan, Margaret Laurena Kemp
Director Lisbon Okafor