Till the End of Time
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In 1946 a generation of soldiers that paid dearly to defend their country comes home and tries to resume the lives they led before World War II. But all suffer from deep trauma--either physical, psychological or both--as they try to make up for the years they lost in the deeply moving Till the End of Time. Cliff Harper (Guy Madison) returns physically intact but with emotional scars that keep him from either returning to school, holding a job or getting married to a young woman widowed by the war. Bill Tabeshaw (Robert Mitchum) wants to buy a ranch, but the metal plate now in his skull will forever keep him from his dream. And former heavyweight boxing champion Perry Kimcheloe (Bill Williams) lost both legs and now refuses to use his prostheses to walk. But a confrontation with a common enemy in their hometown helps the three to find a renewed reason to fight for the lives they once had.
Starring Dorothy McGuire, Guy Madison, Robert Mitchum
Director Edward Dmytryk