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For Caterina Hill (Carolyn Bock), every parent’s nightmare becomes a reality when her five year old son Caleb disappears, the victim of a suspected abduction. No trace, no sign of Caleb has ever been found. Three years later, another child, eight-year-old Emily is abducted in similar circumstances. Her parents Winona Gant (Cassandra Magrath - Wolf Creek) and Hunter O’Shaunessy (Stephen Carracher) are thrown into turmoil - when unexpectedly, contact is made by the kidnapper. But this is no ordinary abduction. The shocking truth that links these two cases will be uncovered, and a devastating secret will unravel with violent and unpredictable consequences. Inspired by true events, “Vanished” is an astonishing thriller that asks the question: how far would a parent go for revenge?
Starring Carolyn Bock, Stephen Carracher, Chloe Guymer
Director Michael Adante