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This project breaks the boundaries which once placed all snowboard movie releases within the same timeframe. The standard release of a snowboard movie was to shoot all winter, edit in the summer, and release in the fall. We held off on the fall release for VISITORS and continued filming into December and January so that we could release a snowboard movie while people were actually snowboarding and not in the fall without any snow in sight. We traveled the world multiple times over in search for new spots, new tricks, and a new direction on snowboarding in the frozen cities and mountains. Style has always been our focus and this movie is guaranteed to deliver just that. Some of these guys have filmed more than 20 video parts, others at least half that, and some just now getting started. The well rounded mix of legends and the new kids delivers a diverse movie guaranteed to have something for everyone.
Starring Jake Olson Elm, Joe Sexton, Jeremy Jones
Director Justin Meyer, JAKE DURHAM