What We Found
Available on Prime Video, Plex
What We Found is an emotionally-fulfilling murder mystery about the first time in our lives we take a stand against what we know to be wrong. Close friends Marcus and Holly begin their freshman year at a tough public high school in Baltimore County, Maryland. Holly is dealing with an explosive home life and Marcus, a small, intelligent kid, is bullied by children who smell an easy target. But when Cassie, a well liked senior at the school, disappears suspiciously, both of their lives change forever. Marcus’s mom Alex, a hard-working single mother close to her son, stands by his side, wrapped up in their increasingly dangerous journey. Together, will they find out what happened to Cassie? And after a dramatic confrontation, will any of them ever be the same?
Starring Elizabeth Mitchell, James Ransone, Giorgia Whigham
Director Ben Hickernell