Ganja Karuppu

Ganja Karuppu (born as Karuppu Raja Sudalaimuthu) aka Katta Erumbu Karuppu is an Indian actor who has predominantly appeared in comedy roles in Tamil cinema.In 2021 he rose to fame when he was pranked by the infamous Katta Erambu YouTube channel and the video soon started trending and went viral. During the prank he got irked and force fed rice to a prankster. This shocked the audience at his violent behavior and received wide negative attention on his already slumping career.After making his debut in Bala's Pithamagan (2003), Ganja Karuppu experienced success in the late 2000s with his roles in Raam (2005), Sivakasi (2005), Paruthiveeran (2007), Subramaniyapuram (2008) and Naadodigal (2009).