Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott

Canadian reality TV host Jonathan Scott hosts "Property Brothers" (HGTV, 2011-) along with his identical brother Drew. Born and raised in Vancouver, Scott's interest in working in the entertainment business began at the age of 7. He started performing a comedy act on stages throughout Canada, and quickly became known for his quick wit and ease with a crowd. By his teens, however, Scott's interests transitioned into a different kind of stage performance - magic. What initially began as a simple fascination quickly blossomed into an all out obsession. And by the time he was in his 20s, Jonathan Scott was one of the leading magicians in Canada. Ever a curious type, Scott's interests also involved a plethora of various other things, like real estate. When he was still in his late teens, he and Drew bought a property in Canada together. After spending a year fixing the home up, Jonathan and Drew sold it for a hefty profit of $50,000. Realizing that they were pretty good at real estate, the Scott brothers soon got their real estate licenses and in the mid-2000s launched Scott Real Estate Inc. Together, the Scott brothers became a fast success and by the late-2000s their company had offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Las Vegas. It wasn't long before the brothers' success caught the attention of producers at the HGTV network. Impressed by the twin brothers' good looks and ease in front of a camera, the network launched "Property Brothers" in 2011. The show features the brothers buying properties in both the United States and Canada, fixing them up and then selling them for a profit. The show was a success from the get-go and in 2015 "Property Brothers" began airing its fourth season, with both Jonathan and Drew retaining their original roles.




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