Jonathan Zaccaï

Jonathan Zaccaï

Jonathan Zaccaï was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Zaccaï kickstarted his acting career in various films such as "Coupable d'Innocence" (1992), "Petite cherie" (2000) and the Jimmy Tavares foreign "My Life On Ice" (2003). He also appeared in the Bulle Ogier drama "Seaside" (2003) and "The Role of Her Life" (2004). He continued to act in productions like the romantic comedy "Le Plus beau jour de ma vie" (2005) with Marisa Berenson, the foreign "The Beat That My Heart Skipped" (2005) with Romain Duris and the foreign "Toi et Moi" (2006) with Julie Depardieu. He also appeared in "A NY Thing" (2010). More recently, he continued to act in the François Cluzet foreign "Blanc comme neige" (2010), the Russell Crowe blockbuster action flick "Robin Hood" (2010) and the dramatic adaptation "Quartier lointain" (2010) with Pascal Greggory. He also appeared in "L' âge de Raison" (2010) and "If You Die, I'll Kill You" (2011). Zaccaï most recently acted in the Stephane Guillon comedy "Les âmes de papier" (2015).