Josh Lawson

Josh Lawson

Josh Lawson was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. In 1997, he made his TV debut on the Australian series "The Wayne Manifesto." In 2012, he starred on the Showtime series "House of Cards." At the start of his acting career, Lawson appeared on television comedies like "Chandon Pictures" (SundanceTV, 2010) and "Romantically Challenged" (ABC, 2010). He also appeared in the TV movie "Day of the Roses" (1999-2000). In the beginning of his Hollywood career, Lawson acted in films like "Any Questions for Ben?" (2012). Following that project, he acted on the silver screen, including roles in the comedy "The Campaign" (2012) with Will Ferrell, the Will Ferrell blockbuster comedy sequel "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" (2013) and "Crave" (2013). He also appeared in the dramatic comedy "Freeloaders" (2013) with Olivia Munn. He also worked in television during these years, including a part on "House of Lies" (Showtime, 2012-16). He also lent his voice to the Owen Wilson animated comedy "Free Birds" (2013). Lawson also used his acting skills in films like the Amber Tamblyn dramedy "Growing Up & Other Lies" (2015) and "The Little Death" (2015). Lawson most recently appeared on "Becoming Bond" (2017).





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