Ghost Mine
GHOST MINE is a reality series that follows a group of miners willing to go into a potentially haunted east Oregon mine and dig for gold, and the paranormal investigators committed to making the mine safer for them. After Crescent Mine owner Larry Overman had an entire mining team "tramp" (walk off the job) due to unexplained occurrences, he hired overseer Stan "Papa Smurf" Griffith, his son and job supervisor Edward Griffith, drill operator Keith "Dingus" Leingang, and heavy machinery operator Jared "Bucket" Anderson, to open up the abandoned mine and dig. Also joining the team are new guys (a.k.a. "Greenhorns") Jamol Eli and Jay Verburg. To clear the mine of any ghosts or spirits, Overman has also hired paranormal experts Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman, much to the dismay of old timer Dick "Greybeard" Secord Jr. From blowing out tunnels with dynamite to investigating warning noises potentially made by legendary gremlins or "tommy knockers," the miners and investigators work together to open the mine while understanding the spirits and other paranormal entities that inhabit it.