Miss XV
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MISS XV is a Mexican musical series inspired by the 1987 hit telenovela Quinceañera. The teen soap, which first aired on Nickelodeon Latin America, stars Paulina Goto as Valentina Contreras, a student at a private high school looking forward to her quinceañera (sweet 15 party). But she risks losing her party thanks to getting into all sorts of trouble with her best friend Natalia D'Acosta (Natasha Dupeyrón), with whom she shares the same birthday. Adding to this is her crush on fellow high school student and musician Niko Perez Palacios (Yago Muñoz). "Frenemies" such as Leonora Martinez (Macarena Achaga) and the obnoxious Alexis Reyes Mendez (Eleazar Gómez) also keep it interesting.