Operation Special Warfare
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To bring down the country’s largest terrorist factions, the government has sanctioned the creation of an elite military unit. Bringing together fourteen of the country’s most skilled young military personnel, this elite unit, known as the “Blue Lighting Commandos” is put under the command of Captain Qin Guan (Vengo Gao). Tough as nails, Qin Guan is a no-nonsense leader who expects nothing but the best from his new unit. With a focus on safety and a determination to teach this group of strangers to trust each other implicitly, Qin Guan trains his unit hard. Among those assigned to this new post is Ning Meng (Hu Bing Qing), an incredibly focused soldier driven by unwavering determination. Having lost her brother in a terrorist attack, Ning Meng is out to prove she’s every bit as worthy of this elite position as her brother had been. Though Ning Meng and Qin Guan initially butt heads, time and training earn her his trust and the respect of her unit. Working together, this elite group engages a volatile terrorist group in a dangerous game of cat and mouse; but even with their lives on the line, Ning Meng and Qin Guan find something completely unexpected, leaving them to wonder: Can one truly find love on a battlefield? As exciting as it is swoon-worthy, “Operation: Special Warfare” is a 2022 Chinese action romance drama directed by Liu Bo.