PROOF stars Jennifer Beals as Dr. Caroline Tyler, a difficult and dispassionate surgeon who is asked to find scientific proof of what actually happens when people die. In hopes of securing a sizable donation to their Seattle-based hospital, Dr. Oliver Stanton (Joe Morton) pressures her to meet with tech billionaire Ivan Turing (Matthew Modine). But to her surprise, Turing, who has terminal cancer, asks her to dedicate time to research life after death. As she reluctantly does so, she finds herself working through her own feelings about the death of her son and her own near-death experience while helping tsunami victims in Japan. Adding to the pressure is her troubled relationship with her estranged husband (David Sutcliffe) and daughter Sophie (Annie Thurman) and the meddlesome celebrity psychic Peter Van Owen (Callum Blue). With the help of intern Zed (Edi Ethegi), Turing's assistant, and science researcher Janel (Caroline Kaplan), Tyler begins to uncover some truths as she researches what lies beyond. But she soon learns that though knowing what happens after death may bring comfort and peace to some, there is resistance -- maybe even from the other side.