Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
Available on Paramount+, Prime Video
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory follows skateboarding pro/entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek as he runs Dyrdek Enterprises from a 25,000 square-foot Los Angeles warehouse. Viewers watch the eccentric mogul as he mixes work and fun in a Willie Wonka-like industrial space that houses both an indoor skateboard park and the fully-skateable offices of Corpo, the warehouse's business wing. Other scenes show Dyrdek riding motorbikes and electric go-carts and amusing himself with a variety of giant-size toys and games. But while Dyrdek -- with the help of his cousin Chris "Drama" Pfaff -- uses a mixture of play, fantasy, and creative thinking to come up with his newest business ventures, he also sometimes collides (both philosophically and literally) with manager Jeremy Larner and other more practical members of the Corpo staff.