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In SNOWDROP, it's 1987, and a student at Hosu Women's University in South Korea named Eun Yeong-ro (played by K-Pop powerhouse Blackpink's Jisoo) lives in a dorm room with three other students. Her fellow students come from a better position than she does, so she knows if she's disciplined in any way, she would face dire consequences. One afternoon, Eun Yeong-ro and her friends go on a blind date with four boys from a nearby student boardinghouse. Eun Yeong-ro locks eyes with a handsome young graduate student who just came back from studying in Berlin, Lim Soo-ho (Jung Hae-in). She sees him try to hide later that day as police roam the streets. Change is in the air, rioters being shot with rubber bullets, but Eun Yeong-in can only think about Lim Soo-hoo. Is he who she thinks he is? What is he running from?