The Balanced You
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At birth, we’re each gifted with a unique constitution that’s derived from the elements of our natural world: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. We express the qualities of our innate elements through our (ahem, sparkling) personality: Have a sharp tongue and a quick wit? A go-with-the-flow attitude? A compulsive need to go barefoot (much to the dismay of your office mates)? An introspective, leave-me-be vibe? Through celebrating our dominant element’s qualities and quirks, we begin to understand how a balance of all elements can bring us a sense of ease and well-being. We challenge you to create your most balanced, finely-tuned self through our 21-day Balanced You guide. Combining handpicked programs and practices that honor all four of the elements, we’ll guide you daily into a balanced state of grace, harmony and peace.