Cinderella Chef
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Ye Jia Yao is a young, modern celebrity cook who loves Chinese food. She dreams of becoming the most famous chef in the land. But while she is experimenting with a recipe, something goes terribly wrong and she is catapulted back in time to Imperial China. She finds she has woken up in the body of a magistrate’s daughter and that her name is now Ye Jin Xuan. Mere moments after she has come to terms with this, bandits descend on her village and kidnap her. She comes face to face with the dashing Xia Chun Yu, the Marquis of the Jing An. Although he appears to be another bandit, he actually has a secret identity. A plot has been hatched to overthrow the Emperor and Xia Chun Yu appears keen to investigate. Ye Jin Xuan begins to form an uneasy alliance with Xia Chun Yu, as she starts to dream of heading to a big city to become a big-name chef. Will her dreams come true? This animation is an adaptation of a hit Chinese web novel of the same name by Zi Yi. The novel also spawned a hit 2018 drama series named “Cinderella Chef.” “Cinderella Chef Season 1” is a 2018-2019 Chinese animation series that was directed by Ni Jia Fei.