Binary Love
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Fang Yu Ke (Ren You Lun) has always been very different from his fellow students. He is incredibly gifted when it comes to all things academia-related, can solve every puzzle under the sun, and believes he can use math and cold, hard logic to solve any problem that comes his way. When he was just seven years old, his head was turned when his classmate and budding inventor Zhou Lin Lin (Zhuang Da Fei) stood up to two bullies who were harassing him. She seemed to be in love with him. And as they grew up, she kept trying to express her feelings for him. He, in turn, was fascinated by her, and awed by her inventiveness. But he had trouble expressing his feelings for her and eventually, at high school, the duo fell out – much to the displeasure of her parents! Now, they have both gained admission to the same university. And while she would be happy never to see him again, Fang Yu Ke dreams of somehow winning her heart back. That will prove to be difficult, however. Other men at the same university, including the tennis ace Wen Tao (Liu Yu Hang) and the senior student Xie Duan Xi (Yang Bing Zhuo), are also captivated by her charms. Can Fang Yu Ke use his wits to win Zhou Lin Lin’s love once more? “Binary Love” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Ming Yan.