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When a person shines brightest, they lose what they most treasure. The peak of success! Tae Joon was made Prosecutor General, and Jung Hwan\u2019s future looks bright, but he was shocked to find out that he only has 6 months left to live due to a malicious brain tumor. The bloody confession of a man covered head to toe in scars from the viciousness of reality. And the story of a woman who strives to heal him with justice. As the night deepens, stars brighten, and as desperation grows, people shine. For the one person who cries for him, the light that shines for him amidst the desperation is Ha Gyung, who Jung Hwan strives to save. A battle between two men who can become neither friends nor foes. For 7 years, they lived the same life, sharing the same dream, and fought to become Prosecutor General like brothers! A battle to the death between one who\u2019ll live and one who\u2019ll die.