The Code War

S2, E7: The Code War

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Angie, Max’s high school girlfriend, is introduced to the gang because she is moving to Chicago for her job. Penny hates her because she dated Max after Angie, but Penny acts completely sweet to Angie. When Dave & Angie connect, Max invokes “the code” and tells Dave he can’t date Angie. When Dave says the code doesn’t count since Max is gay, Dave & Max engage in a “code war” where all codes are off. Max kisses Alex in an attempt to make Dave jealous, which makes Alex have a bit of a crush on Max. Brad realizes he has a “work wife,” which makes Jane want a “work husband.” When they all meet for drinks, intentions are misunderstood and they decide to just stick with real life spouses.
Starring Riki Lindhome, Eddie Pepitone, Izzy Diaz