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Two former Navy submariners, Robert and Daniel, working as civilians quickly jump at the opportunity to make a year’s salary in a quick sixty days. They are assigned to an underwater research station called “Halcyon,” where their mission is to study the seismic activity on the ocean floor that is believed to be the cause of a string of earthquakes plaguing the Pacific Coast. Daniel, a playful family man with a wife and two children accompanies his best friend and former Navy Officer, Robert on this seemingly easy mission. Daniel, the more playful of the two records their day-to-day life on his home movie camera and relays the videos home through their only connection to the surface. After a minor earthquake rattles the station, the two men begin to get serious about their mission. Before they are able to get any real data they are struck again and this time the earthquake cripples the station beyond repair. Daniel, badly injured, fights to stay alive while Robert battles the demons from his past and the truth about what happened to his wife, Sylvia. With only days to go until rescue arrives, the two are forced to fight the battle of their lives in a 450 sq/ft station at the bottom of the ocean.
Starring Courtney Gains, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Pepper Binkley
Director McKenzie Haglund