No Beast So Fierce
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A reckless, brazen act results in the death of a mother & child and puts Charlie Sundstrom behind bars for twenty hard years. Inside, he clings to the hope of seeing his son again. The only thing he has to remember him by is the small photo in his cell. A jailhouse scuffle makes Charlie a target—and threats are made that his son, now grown, will be killed. Just released, Charlie must warn him. But he hasn’t had contact in years. Gina, the mother, is a heroin addict. She says the kid dropped out of school, got into crime, made some money, but she doesn’t know where he is. Charlie navigates the underbelly of his crime-infested home town, but comes up empty. Then he meets Helen Crane, who has a son of her own. And she begins to make him question his entire cause. Hank Tornac is a corrections officer who knew Charlie in prison. He owes Charlie, and offers to help find his son. But Hank is in trouble, big time - he’s made enemies and is in debt to the wrong people. He tracks down Charlie’s son, but first, Charlie must do something for him. No Beast So Fierce is the story of two very different people living broken lives of regret, anger and hope. Not all wounds heal, and these are desperate men, driven not by reason, but by their all consuming obsessions. Charlie will find his son - but he will wish with all his heart that he never had.
Starring Bailey Chase, Kathryn Erbe, Dylan Baker
Director Tim McCann