The Princess Weiyoung - 锦绣未央
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Tiffany Tang (Perfect Couple), internationally-acclaimed actor Luo Jin, and Vanness Wu (Autumn’s Concerto) star in a period romance that proves revenge is best served when the enemy least expects it. Li Wei Young (Tiffany Tang) was born Princess Feng Xin Er, the daughter of the King of Former Liang. A loyal subject under Great Wei, however, Xin Er’s father is framed for treason and killed by the evil General Chiyun and Li Min Feng. Xin Er’s family and kingdom is annihilated. Escaping with her life but now an orphan, Xin Er accidentally wanders into enemy territory. There, she is saved by Li Wei Young, the daughter of the prime minister of Great Wei. Although born a noble lady, she is driven to live in the countryside by her family because she was born on a day deemed one of misfortune. Little did Xin Er know that her savior Li Wei Young is also Li Min Feng’s half-sister. Full of hatred for the enemy that destroyed her home, Xin Er assumes Li Wei Young’s identity after she was murdered. She ultimately learns to channel her hatred towards those who deserve it and become a kinder person overall. And it is exactly her wisdom and humanity that attracts towards her two very different men. Tuoba Jun (Luo Jin) is the beloved, well-educated, kind prince that is favored by all, including the king, and who falls in love with Wei Young. And competing with him is his third uncle Tuoba Yu (Vanness Wu), the cold, menacing and emotionally scarred prince that truly wants to rule the empire, and sees the intelligent Wei Young as his tool and his nephew as his rival. Wei Young, however, only has her eyes on one thing: she was not able to save her people. Between the schemes of these two men and living in enemy territory, can Wei Young ever avenge her family?